Yamaha Birch Custom Absolutes
Snare: BCA 14x4 or Manu Katche14x5.5
Left side snare: Peter Erskine 12x4 or 12x5.5 steel

Main set up:
BTT 10x9
BTT 12x10
BTT 14x12
BTT 16x14
BBD 22x16 or 20x14 with 12x22 Daxdad
optional toms:
BTT 8x7

Jazz set:
Manu Katche Hip gig Jr.
TT 10x8
Ft 13x13
BD 16x16

All hardware Yamaha 700 and 800 series stands
DFP 850

Stagg Cymbals exclusively
General set:
14" DH Fat Hi Hats
15", 17" SH medium Crashes
8", 10" SH splash
21" DH extra dry ride
16" DH China
Jazz set:
13" DH Fat Hi Hats
19" DH crash ride
20" DH jazz ride

Vic Firth Sticks and brushes exclusively
general use: 5A wood tip
jazz/light: Peter Erskine Ride Stick
retractable wire brushes

Evans G1 or G2 coated on snares and toms
Evans EMAD clear or coated on bass drums
©2014 Jeff Mills